SUSAN SULLY: Language of Design Blog

Feb 20, 2018
  When I was growing up, I dreamed of working in a greenhouse. I didn't want to grow plants. I wanted to write in a house made of windows. Now, metaphorically, that's what I do. I write in a house full of windows that allow me to look inside other people's houses and lives. And then, through the glass of my camera and lens of my language, I allow others to peek into those houses as well. I am astonished by the many ways the design prof... read more
Feb 01, 2018
The elliptical window—a favorite of Federal era architects—mimics the shape of the eye. Witnessed from the exterior of a house, it lends a human demeanor to a house and gives it a personable expression that we can relate to. Elliptical windows are rarely placed at eye level inside a house, but this window allows one to look out from the house to the Romanesque portico of the pool house. House designed by architect Norman Askins, author of Inspire... read more